Did you know your mind and its ability to believe is the most powerful force mankind has been given? Think about it.

Every advancement in the world exists because someone believed that the “idea”, “place” or “object” could be advanced from its existing state.

It’s the power of belief that shapes world events, like Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a dream,” speech!

Believing is an extremely invaluable human ability that has affected and will forever affect future generations.

It is also that same power of belief that shapes YOU and I! It effects EVERY aspect of your life, from how your body works and functions to the decisions you make daily!

Your beliefs are guiding and influencing your thoughts, decisions, behaviors, and actions. Ultimately, you are what you believe. People always act on the basis of what they believe. For example, if you have a different belief you will be guided to make a different decision; that different decision will take a different action, and that different action will give a different result. This powerful chain of events is profound.

Your mind must believe it CAN do something before it is capable of actually doing it. Period. By understanding your mind and the power of belief you can use this invaluable ability as leverage to benefit your life, health and well-being. Your beliefs act like the lens filter on a camera, changing how you see the world. It’s your perspective; your paradigm. Your body’s biology, how it works and functions, adapts to your beliefs. For instance, a zoologist, someone who studies wild animals, would react a lot differently to seeing a lion in your backyard than you would. You would have a terrified reaction causing a stress response inside your body due to all the associated negative beliefs or possible fears you have about lions. Instead, the zoologist can assess the same stressor, the same exact situation, with a calmer and clearer reaction based off his/her beliefs and the positive thoughts attached with the lion. This results in a different biological body response and behavior inside the zoologist. Therefore, your positive and/or negative beliefs, according to the way you think, not only impact your health, but every single aspect of your life. Making positive thoughts and beliefs a habit is a MUST for a happy, healthy life.

Think your best, be your best! Henry Ford was right about the power of the mind: “If you believe you can or if you believe you can’t… you’re right.” There is no doubt that if you believe you have no control over your health or circumstances, then you won’t! Stunting your growth can often be blamed on elements such as fear, failure, limited beliefs and perceptions. What story have you been telling yourself that is holding you back from achieving what you want? Letting go of fear is a powerful step forward. You can do it! Sometimes you need to jump into something you don’t feel ready for. You don’t want to look back with regret. Taking action achieves different results. To quote Wayne Gretzky, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Strive to build momentum in your life; movement is the key. Kick limited beliefs out of your mind because limited beliefs kill more dreams and potential accomplishments than failure. Stop believing the lies you tell yourself. Never think of yourself as a victim in life. You are a champion that was designed to thrive!

Know and understand that your body not only wants to survive, but also THRIVE. The human body has amazing self-regulating, self-healing and self-developing capabilities, which if given the proper conditions will flourish abundantly EVERY TIME! Health is a natural state for our bodies. To help you understand these amazing biological laws of life think of a “wilting” plant. What comes to your mind first? Why is the plant “wilting”? First, you probably would wonder what elements the plant is missing. Let’s call those elements “the essentials”: water, sun-light, rich soil, proper temperature …etc. Maybe the plant’s environment was overburden with stress, toxins, germs, pest, pollution…etc. causing an imbalance somewhere. These things result in undernourishment inside the plant observed from the outside as “wilted”, inhibiting its potential to thrive. Just like the plant, we too have very important “essentials” and requirements that must be met to survive. Unlike a plant, we are way more complex with our own biochemical uniqueness. Not one of us is exactly same (even identical twins). We need a more abundant variety of nutrients, and not just in the form of food either. Each of us is subject to toxins, germs, stresses, hardship, issues, fatalities, and fear; the list goes on and on with different variables we face within our lifetime. Some variables are avoidable while others are inevitable, and there are activities we engage in that affect us negatively or positively. In simple terms, there are activities or “things” that build health versus things that build disease. The negative ones are classified as TOXINS; the positive ones are called NUTRIENTS. It’s the sum of ALL our activities that enables the body to function appropriately or inappropriately. Going back to the plant analogy, we humans are often “wilting” from the inside with our own “symptoms”, caused by undernourishment because of toxins and/or deficiency in nutrients.

Thankfully, by design, we have the free will to choose and change our perspectives (beliefs) and activities. We can take control of our fate and purpose on this planet by living in proper alignment.

Own your beliefs and decisions, don’t make excuses. Answer your big question… Why AbundantYou? This can be a great starting point for inspiration and purpose for your health, life and well-being. Without a target you will miss it every time! It’s important to take your visions (your calling) and fully internalize them with conscious thoughts and actions, committing until they seep into your unconscious mind and become second nature, like knowing your own name. Follow a mindset like the champion you are- a champion who perceives failure as great feedback for life experiences, one who embraces vulnerability and life challenges as forces to make them stronger and test their faith! You are one who lives audaciously for what they believe in and does everything they do with all of their passion!

Your mindset can change any circumstance you may be facing and produce a more favorable outcome. It’s a powerful, yet simple act of thinking a certain manner. This isn’t about being ignorant or denying the facts at hand, but accepting them as they are. You have to accept them to get passed them. The point is: don’t short-change your life, health and well-being by shrinking from your fullest potential and purpose with negative beliefs of not being capable.

You ARE able, and you can prove it to yourself and others. The more accurate knowledge and awareness of your environment you have, the better success you will have to thrive in it! You have more control over things than you think. Use and understand your body’s amazing, sophisticated, and powerful-beyond-measure capabilities. Take action immediately, and believe wholeheartedly with a champion mentality that you can reach your visions, goals, targets, and dreams. Practice the traits of determination, willingness, discipline, obedience, confidence, and commitment. Choose positive beliefs about your life so you can overcome struggles and improve your health and well-being. Practice and repetition are the mother of skill, so never give up. Harness not only powerful thinking and positive traits, but intelligence too. Don’t wish for life to be easier; become better!