Insane 20 Minute Elliptical HIIT Workout

Dr. Kevin Sarich demonstrates how HIIT workouts can be done on an elliptical within a matter of minutes to maximize your fitness goals!

No more hassle of spending hours a day in a gym with HIIT workouts. Just 20 minutes!

HIIT Stands for High-Intensity Interval Training, for those who don’t know.

Try adding this HIIT workout to your weekly fitness regimen , 1-2 times a week to reap the full benefits!

What this WORKOUT includes

  • 4 Minute warm-up
  • 8 Rounds of 30 seconds of High Intesnity (your maximal effort)
  • separated by
  • 7 Rounds of 90 seconds of rest (low intensity- catch your breath)
  • 3 Minute cool-down

Why use an Elliptical?

  • They are perfect for all ages and fitness levels, especially beginners who want to start losing weight.
  • You can find ’em almost everywhere, most gyms and workout centers have ellipticals.
  • You CAN get your heart rate up fast, some studies show participants felt a better workout on an elliptical compared to a treadmill.
  • They are easy on the body, great for people with joint, knee and lower back issues.
  • You can control your environment, don’t let a bad day of weather stop you from working out!
  • You can use your arms and legs together, full-body workouts come with maximal benefits.