Our Mission

First and foremost, our mission here at AbundantYou.com is to empower and inspire individuals to make positive changes in their health.

We strive to be a reliable, easy, and natural health resource for YOU and your loved ones.

We believe in a revolutionary health model, that includes the prevention of illness and supporting overall wellness. This can be accomplished through mastering positive lifestyle choices that are best for YOU.

This self-driven state of living is what we refer to as an Abundant YOU lifestyle.

By design, the true normal and natural state of your body’s function is the expression of health and wellness. Disease and unhealthy cells are predictable and abnormal. They are the result of a lifetime of poor choices. It is insanity to believe medications and surgeries can correct this lifestyle problem.

Learning what your body not only wants, but needs, and requires to function optimally will allow you to become more aware of your daily choices. This is where AbundantYou shines!

We provide a wellness structure focused on supporting individuals in reaching their maximum health achievable. We do this with five core principles.

These five principles include Clean Nutrition, Mindset, Fitness, Spinal Care, and Detox.

This structure corrects interferences, nutrient deficiencies, and toxicities within the human body. These are the three things that ultimately cause all disease and unhealthy cells.

If you believe in our mission of wellness and prevention, join us! Share this message with your family and friends.

Meet The Team


Kevin Sarich DC, BS, CFMP, ACBN

Dr. Kevin Sarich

Dr. Kevin Sarich is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Corrective Care Chiropractor, and Natural Health Nutritionist.

He has made it his life’s mission to serve under God to help as many people as possible in a holistic manner (mind, body, and spirit). His goal is to support individuals in reaching their maximum health achievable through education: presenting information on healthy living and positive choices.

Dr. Kevin is extremely passionate about natural health related topics and making natural health practical in todays modern world.

His fascination and respect for the human body and it’s amazing capabilities, along with his own personal beliefs, convicted him to create AbundantYou.com. His primary beliefs stem from self-responsibility and the power of free will, which he beliefs can give anyone the power to succeed in health.

My Personal Story” by Dr. Kevin Sarich