20 Minute at Home Killer HIIT Workout (C)

Part 1: Exercise demonstration with different ways to modify the exercises (beginner, intermediate, and advance).

Part 2: Live and timed workout you do with me, 4 complete sets = 20 min long. Warm-up and cool-down are included.

Dr. Kevin Sarich demonstrates another killer HIIT workout designed to be performed at your home! No equipment or weights are required! Just 20 minutes is all it takes to complete 4 sets.

1 set includes 4 surges (1 exercise per surge): each surge is 30 seconds long followed by a 30 second rest period. After completing the 4th surge and before starting a new set, take an additional 1 minute rest period or longer if needed.

Surge 1 – High Knees
Surge 2 – Ab Bicycles
Surge 3 – Mountain Climbers
Surge 4 – Squat Kick-backs

Included in this 2 part series:

Part 1 : The exercise explanation and demonstration. Dr. Kevin shows you how to perform the exercise correctly with great form. He also shows exercise modifications (Advanced, Intermediate, Beginner levels – this makes the workout perfect for ANYONE regardless of their physical activity level)

Part 2: A live and timed demonstration of 4 complete sets you perform with me! A warm-up and cool-down is included.

4 complete sets concludes the full workout. Beginners and those physically less active are recommended to perform 1-2 sets.