We want to educate people about the power of natural healthcare and empower them to live longer, healthier lives.

Discover an Abundant You

We believe in a revolutionary health model, that includes the prevention of illness and supporting overall wellness. This can be accomplished through mastering positive lifestyle choices that are best for You. This self-driven state of living is what we refer to as an Abundant YOU lifestyle.

The 5 Principles

Clean Nutrition

Food is fuel for the body that also encourages life, health and healing.

What you put in your mouth can make or break your health.


Knowledge is not power. Applied Knowledge is power.

You are the creative force in your own life.


Life is motion. The day you quit moving is the day you quit living.

Maximize your fitness routine in minutes

Spinal Care

Your brain-body connection is protected by your spine.

Proper spinal care is essential for healing and function inside your body.


We live in a toxic soup, you can’t avoid this. Periodic cleansing and elimination are essential to your health.

Our Health Coaches

Dr. Kevin Sarich


l’ve been involved in the natural heath movement since 2008. I’ve made it my life mission to exceed all expectations and provide my followers/patients with the best natural health care possible. 

After the passing of my mother at a young age due to heart issues. I always thought growing up there has to be a better answer than just drugs and surgeries for people with health conditions.

Fortunately, I have been blessed to learn about functional medicine and holistic healing at a young age due to mentors and friends. Now everyday I get to teach these simple principles I learned that have life changing effects on ones health and purpose in life.  

Dr. Ali Cooper


Dr. Ali Cooper is originally from a small town in southern Indiana.  She attended the University of Evansville where she majored in Pre-Professional Exercise and Sports Science.  She ran collegiate cross country, while also working as a performance coach training high school, college, and professional athletes. 

Dr. Ali went on to attend chiropractic school at Logan University in St. Louis.  While obtaining her chiropractic degree, she worked toward her Master’s in Sports Rehabilitation.

Sam Armstrong

Holistic Nutritionist 

l have been involved in the natural heath movement since 2008. After losing my mother at a young age, I knew there had to be a better answer than just drugs and surgeries. 

Our Blog

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Holiday Nut Milk

Tools You'll need a good high powered bender and a nut bag. Ingredients: 1 cup of raw Brazil Nuts 10 Mejool Dates pitted (make sure to remove seed in the middle of dates) 60 oz Clean Water 1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract or Vanilla bean powder 1 tsp of Ceylon Cinnamon...

Leaky Gut Syndrome and Chronic Inflammation

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Transform with these 5 principles